Tarin Shalfy

“I did a headstand.
Suddenly a breathtaking sight unraveled in front of my eyes. The sun and the sea turned upside down, the sun was down, and the sea was up…

I managed to move the sun from its place!”
(‘Moving The Sun’, by Tarin Shalfy)


The Play
Moving the sun

‘Move the Sun’ is a one-man show in which Tarin scrolls down her battle with cancer.

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Welcome to this website in memory of Tarin Shalfy!

Tarin loved laughing and making others laugh.
That’s why this site is full of life, smiles, love, and creativity. And yes… sad and dramatic moments too.
But this is really not your ordinary memorial site.
Mostly because Tarin did not lead an ordinary life.
And also, because Tarin managed to do so much in her life: sing, laugh, compose, play music, perform on stage,
be a medical clown, write a play, stage it, win the first prize and … at the same time also undergo treatment and face a virulent and dramatic cancer, in her own way, with her lust for life, drama and art. Anyone who has known Tarin will be happy to see her on this site – alive and vibrant.
In everyday clothes or in costume. Introducing a monologue or singing and performing. Talking, taking pictures … and also loving and being loved.
And those who did not get to know Tarin, will get to know a unique girl-teenager-young woman. Brimming with talent, optimism, creativity and love…
A girl who knew from a very young age that she wanted to be on stage and perform, a girl who followed her heart, learned and fulfilled her dreams, a girl who continued to pave her own artistic road. A young woman who managed to move the sun and touch the hearts of so many people…
This site should be of interest to anyone who loves theater, loves laughing, loves life and loves Tarin … like us.
A memorial site for a girl-teenager-young woman who lived a short life. Way too short…

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